About the Writing

I write romance and erotica.

I write historical erotica with strong romantic elements, I write historical romance with strong erotic elements, and I write erotica.

My characters inhabit plots which interweave themes of love and romance, the status of women, age difference, sexual exploration, bisexuality, polyamory, all constrained by the socio-political mores of their time.

I write the beta hero.

I often divide the hero archetype into two characters: hero (beta male) and villain (alpha male). My heroes are honorable, duty-bound, intelligent, communicative, and love their heroines in a befuddled, nerdy kind of way. They are also skilled lovers, as much as their villainous counterparts. My villains are sexually potent and sexually dangerous alpha males. They represent the evil side of sexuality.

I write stories involving multiple characters.

I love the variety that several characters can bring to a story, how their intertwined relationships can add complexity and deepen the eroticism. My secondary characters have erotic relationships all their own.

Where the history comes in

I like to incorporate history as the spark to set the plot afire rather than use historical setting as mere wallpaper. Such sparks have included the use of the vibrator as a treatment for hysteria, the nascent American railway system, the British capture of New York during the American Revolution, the supposed rancorous marriage of an imperial couple, how Roman campaigns in Germania tore communities apart.

More than that, though, I get off on history. Just thinking about the rigid restraints, the settings, the consequences, the clothes, the politics, the ideologies sets my heart a-flutter. So I write sex, lots of sex. History is the spark, but lust is the fuel to the conflagration that is my brand of historical erotic romance.

I hope you enjoy reading my stories as much as I enjoy researching and writing them.