The General’s Wife: An American Revolutionary Tale

American Revolutionary Tales Book 1

An English Lady and a handsome American Patriot in a battle for her heart – will she submit to the enemy?

The Generals Wife Regina KammerCover5th anniversary edition (or, 2nd revised edition) published by Viridium Press, 2013.
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She had never been kissed before, had never known the wonderful sensations of a man’s lips and tongue tasting her own, of his hands clasping her body to press her more fully against his masculine form. It was extraordinarily delightful, but it was ever so wrong.
Her hands flat on his chest, Clara tried to push him away. “Please, my lord, we are not engaged. This cannot be right.”

A War Zone

Seduced into marriage by the wicked British general Lord Strathmore, Lady Clara Hastings is forced to leave her beloved England for the shores of the uncivilized American colonies. They arrive upon the outbreak of that young nation’s struggle for independence.

Unexpected Revelations

Kidnapped and held for ransom by Strathmore’s enemies, Clara learns of her husband’s debauched pleasures and sadistic past, and discovers her own sensual needs and erotic desires.

A Quest For Freedom

Escaping captivity, Clara is taken by patriot fighters. In their clutches, her beliefs are challenged, her values are threatened, and she is caught up in a battle for her heart in the arms of a handsome American revolutionary.

Epic Passion During the American Revolution

The General’s Wife: An American Revolutionary Tale is a historical erotic romance set in New York of 1777. This coming-of-age action and adventure romance follows a young woman’s journey as she discovers new desires in rebel arms. Each man she encounters enlightens her to the varieties of love, including that of a man for another man, a man for both men and women, and the excitement of mingling pain with pleasure.

Sexy fun includes: ménage, hot bisexual heroes, anal sex, double penetration, light bondage, voyeurism, dubious consent, masturbation.

Series: American Revolutionary Tales

Book 1: The General’s Wife: An American Revolutionary Tale
Book 2: Winter Interlude: An American Revolutionary Novelette
Book 3: Coming soon! The Viscount and the Veteran: An American Federalist Tale

Recognition for The General’s Wife

Maggie Award for Excellence 2014 Finalist badge
The General’s Wife was a finalist for the Georgia Romance Writers 2014 Maggie Award for Excellence!
“…The development of the romance between the leads (not who I was expecting them to be) was strong and well thought out, but what surprised me was [the] quality of the research. …the use of the Hessian officers in the story was quite clever.” — comment by Maggie Award judge.

Reviews for The General’s Wife

“I couldn’t put the book down. It was so engrossing, I just had to know what was going to happen next. Kammer is probably the best historical fiction romance author on the planet! So well-written! A must read for steamy romance fans!” — greengirl, five stars on Amazon!

“I was engrossed in this historical love story that has great literary merit, plenty of powerfully arousing sex scenes, beautiful characterization, high stakes adventure, and relationships that blossom into both deep passion and moving affection.” — Lana Fox, five stars on Amazon!
Read more of Lana Fox’s insights (with spoilers) in “Kidnappers and Flogger-Wielding Doms: Erotic Authenticity” on the Go Deeper Press blog.

“Very steamy read. . … hated for the novel to end. Enjoyed the characters…. great author…” — Lissa Williams, five stars on Google Play!

“Right from page one I was thoroughly engrossed in the story of The General’s Wife. Although I generally don’t read erotica, the story line itself kept me interested from beginning to end as Clara finds her way during conflict in the American Revolutionary War. Totally riveting, well written and kept the senses alive and asking for more. I look forward to reading more from Ms. Kammer!” — Sherry Ewing, five stars on Amazon!

“This is one of the best erotic books I’ve ever read. You know it’s good when you find yourself just as absorbed by the non-sex parts as by the sex! (I hate it when you just want to flip to the next sex scene–like the author made no real effort at the story.) Make no mistake, though–the sex is super hot. Honestly, I’ve read it again and again and I still love it!!! I’m always like, “Have you read this book? Go read it right now.” Kammer is amazing, and this book RULES.” — Theresa Rogers, five stars on Amazon!

Upon its epub launch, The General’s Wife was an All Romance eBooks Silver Star Best Selling Romance in the Historical America category!

The General’s Wife Excerpts

The opening of my favorite scene is up at Wanton Reads!
The rest of my favorite scene was entered in the 2015 Sex Scene Championship!
Read a sexy scene with Annabella (Clara’s maid) and her lover Redmond on Dr. Trina Read’s website! Features the naked cover!

Why I Changed the Cover

The General's Wife An American Revolutionary Tale by Regina Kammer front coverThe cover to the 2013 edition of The General’s Wife was subjected to Amazon’s Adult Filter, making the book very difficult for readers to discover. Nudity is not tolerated on America’s foremost retailer of books and ebooks.

With the new cover Amazon has removed the search restrictions so the book now comes up in general product search results. Please note: if you attempt to purchase the “naked lady cover” paperback edition on any online retailer (listings are still out there), you will receive the edition with the new cover. If you are at a used bookstore with the “naked lady cover” paperback edition in hand, grab it! It’s a collector’s edition!

The General’s Wife was my 2008 NaNoWriMo novel, hence this edition being the 5th anniversary revised edition.

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