Summer Romance Bingo cheat sheet!

Have you heard? The Ripped Bodice, a bookstore in Culver City, California, devoted entirely to romance is having their second annual Summer Romance BINGO! Below is a cheat sheet to how my books can fill in your BINGO card!
Ripped Bodice BINGO card
Read a book with the trope, fill out a square on the BINGO card. After you’ve completed a row on your bingo card you can enter to win prizes!

Here is my books cheat sheet to fill in those squares:

Forced proximity

The General’s Wife: An American Revolutionary Tale (also available at The Ripped Bodice)



Carriage Sex

The General’s Wife: An American Revolutionary Tale (also available at The Ripped Bodice)
The Westerman Affair (also available at The Ripped Bodice)


Well, it may be considered a stretch by some, but I always think of Penelope Hardcastle of The Pleasure Device and Where Destiny Plays as a Fashionista (both available at The Ripped Bodice: The Pleasure Device and Where Destiny Plays)

Enemies to Lovers

The General’s Wife: An American Revolutionary Tale (also available at The Ripped Bodice)

Queer Historical

Bisexual heroes in:
The General’s Wife: An American Revolutionary Tale (also available at The Ripped Bodice)
Disobedience By Design (also available at The Ripped Bodice)
Where Destiny Plays (also available at The Ripped Bodice)


Hadrian and Sabina: A Love Story (also available at The Ripped Bodice)
Imperial Warriors: Two Scorching Tales of the Roman Empire (okay, so this is only around 10,000 words and two short stories, but the collection is still a “book”)

Hero Smells Like a “MAN”

I seriously do not remember if I used this trope, but it sounds familiar. If you come across it in one of my novels or shorts, let me know in the comments!

Heroine is Older than the Hero

Where Destiny Plays (also available at The Ripped Bodice)
(I’m pretty proud of this aspect of the story!)

Birds Are Somehow Involved

My short story “Silent Sky” has a very important literary device at the end that involves birds. “Silent Sky” is in the boxed set Getting Naughty: Twenty Tantalizing Tales (which, I guess, you’d have to read most of to keep yourself BINGO-honest)

Download the Bingo card (pdf) from the Ripped Bodice.

These are the official Bingo rules from the Ripped Bodice website:
– Bingo runs from June 1 to August 31, 2018
– Each square represents one book that you’ve read THIS summer (honor system please and thank you!) Remember, you can interpret the categories however you want.
– Fill in the square with the title of the book and the author once you’ve read one that meets the criteria.
– BINGO = five in a row (horizontal or vertical)
– For each row your complete, you can enter to win prizes! Enter at:
– Make sure to share how your board is coming along on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook with hashtag #rippedbodicebingo


Reverse Harem? Well, only sort of…

Reverse Harem is the new hot trend in romance. Stories feature one woman and at least three men, each of whom is in love with her. The heroine can’t decide which man she wants to be with so her happily-ever-after is with all of the men.

Sounds like something I probably write, right? But I don’t. However, my stories do involve themes that are very, very close to reverse harem. I let my female characters have a lot of fun with the men in their lives, even if they only end up with one (or two) of them.

Below is a guide to some of the Reverse Harem-type themes in my stories. Continue reading

Mature Romance

It happens to the best of us. It happens to the worst of us. But we’re lucky if it happens to us at all.

Getting older.

As we tally off the years, we get a little soft around the middle, our knees creak when we climb stairs, our muscles complain if we try a new dance move, our fifty shades of youthful tresses dim to one shade of gray.

And yet, we still crave romance, we still yearn for love. Because, even though we’ve grown older, we’re still human. We may not have the raging hormones of youth, but the heart still desires emotional satisfaction.

So it is with romance novel characters. Continue reading

Celebrating National Library Week (with Spoilers)

This week, April 12-18, 2015, the American Libraries Association celebrates National Library Week:

First sponsored in 1958, National Library Week is a national observance sponsored by the American Library Association (ALA) and libraries across the country each April. It is a time to celebrate the contributions of our nation’s libraries and librarians and to promote library use and support. All types of libraries – school, public, academic and special – participate.

I am a librarian, although I no longer work as such. I received my Masters in Library and Information Science from the University of California at Berkeley way back in the day when it had a School of Library and Information Studies (the School was rebranded in 1994 and no longer graduates librarians). For over thirty years, I worked in a bunch of different libraries and archives – public, academic, and special (corporate and museum) – mainly as a freelance librarian. My specialty was cataloging.

So how does this inform my writing? Plenty. Continue reading